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Kitchen Band Featured

The children even got to learn how to hammer out graters to use in their own kitchen band music show.

This week GIS Spotlight captures the action at a summer arts camp that celebrates the enduring allure of the Islands' traditional kitchen bands.

Following that, the weekly show revisits guidelines for handicapped parking as well as the increasingly popular Passport2Success programme.

Two weeks at a fun summer camp which provides valuable lessons about the Cayman Islands' cultural heritage sounds like a winning idea for most young people and their parents.

We spend time with this year's CNCF Summer Arts Camp participants as they work to create traditional musical instruments and also enjoy a unique visit with centenarian Aunt Julia Hydes in her own backyard.

See what other Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) offerings this group of enthusiastic children have benefited from this summer.

Happy campers at the CNCF's summer arts camp with the kitchen band as its theme

After that, GIS Spotlight shows what might befall someone who misuses the 'blue spot' handicapped parking space. Persons who are temporarily handicapped may also learn how they can legally use those spots during the time that they need help.

Finally, we once again highlight the Passport2Success programme which prepares young job-seekers to more successfully find employment.

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