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Parking by Law

Police are cracking down on violators of handicapped parking blue spots.

This week, GIS Spotlight focuses on handicapped parking and empowering young job seekers, in addition to revisiting Miss Lassie's house.

Cayman Islands law requires drivers to respect certain parking areas which are designated for vehicles with handicapped stickers. Unfortunately, even if the blue handicap parking spots are clearly marked, they are more often than not misused.

Now, violators will feel the reach of the law, with the prospect of having to pay a fine. Join us at GIS Spotlight to learn what will befall an able bodied person who parks in a blue spot. See how social media is being employed to shame violators into reforming their errant parking habits. Hear from the Police and volunteers what drivers can do to be in the clear.

Next, we bring you the newest cohort from the flourishing Passport2Success programme, an initiative that has already fine-tuned the job-seeking skills of scores of young persons. Hear from some young persons about the useful tips and information they received as participants in the programme.

Finally, GIS Spotlight stops at Miss Lassie's house for repeat viewing of the vision and history behind the restoration of this iconic residence of one of the Cayman Islands' most famous artists.

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