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Prison Footballers Caught Out

Drugs, alcohol and other contraband were confiscated from a group of inmates as they returned from playing in an indoor football league in the community last night (Monday, 29 July 2013).

This occurred as the inmates (who were escorted and transported by officers) were being processed on their return to Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison, Northward.

About 6 ounces of ganja, a smoking paper and a mobile phone charger was found on the four prisoners involved. Officers also smelled alcohol on the inmates, prior to finding some liquor in a plastic water container.

During a follow-up search of the inmates’ cells, officers also recovered two cell phones and a spare phone battery.

Prison Director Neil Lavis commended the officers on duty for their vigilance and prompt action: “The zero-tolerance policy on contraband means that anyone attempting to bring these items into the prison will be dealt with severely.”

The four inmates were immediately removed from Northward’s ‘Enhanced Wing’ and their prison categorization level increased, which has resulted in a loss of their privileges. “The internal adjudications were being held today, in keeping with the policy to deal with these matters swiftly,” the Director added.

For many years HMP Northward has entered a team in the local indoor football league. The HMCIPS is committed to promoting rehabilitative activities and programmes for inmates, as it is recognized that these are an important aspect of their rehabilitation.

For further information contact: Lennon Christian