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Taylors Bid Farewell

At a farewell reception at Government House on Friday evening (2 August 2013), His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Duncan Taylor, CBE, and Mrs. Beatrice receive a multi-media sculpture from artist Mr. Luelan Bodden and Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin, MBE, JP, presented on behalf of the people of the Cayman Islands.

At a reception on the lawns of Government House on Friday evening (2 August 2013), His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Duncan Taylor, CBE, and Mrs. Beatrice expressed fond memories about the Cayman Islands and its people, and their sadness to leave.

Scheduled to leave the Cayman Islands today (Wednesday, 7 August 2013), Mr. Taylor's next assignment is UK Ambassador to Mexico.

Speaking to the large number of invitees, the Governor recalled his four priorities when he took office three years and six months ago. The first one of ensuring a good, strong relationship between the Cayman Islands and the UK was now fulfilled. Likewise, the new Cayman Islands Constitution's implementation was progressing well, with all the Commissions established doing "excellent work", he noted.

The goal of better security and policing was also secured because of the "good work of the men and women of the RCIPS", the Governor acknowledged, thanking the Commissioner of Police for his leadership.

Fourthly, the new Constitution requires the Governor to endeavour to promote good governance, Mr. Taylor said. Where due process and proper procedures are followed, the Governor has only to provide a light touch, he said, whereas there were challenging occasions during his tenure when he had to do more.

However, while it was not easy, it was part of his job, he reiterated. With the accent now on integrity and good governance, the Cayman Islands faces a "very encouraging" future and presents a "promising outlook" which included turning a large deficit to a surplus, he commented. Government was on track to maintaining fiscal responsibility by law and had also to work with new procurement procedures, which had resulted in "things going well".

The Governor noted the anti-corruption commission with its dedicated team members was functioning well but an environment hostile to corruption could only flourish if the Cayman Islands' people actively embraced a bribery-and-corruption-free society.

The Governor and Mrs. Taylor admire the cow cod presented by Commissioner of Police David Baines.

A climate hostile to corruption would ensure contracts being awarded to the best applicant or bidder, based on merit, he said.

He expressed sadness at their imminent departure from the hospitable people of the Cayman Islands, including "so many good friends".

Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin, MBE, JP, thanked the Governor and Mrs. Taylor for their years in the Cayman Islands on behalf of the people. On his personal behalf, he was grateful for the grounding he had received from the Governor since taking office following the May 2013 polls. The Governor had ably governed in the face of challenges, he commented.

The Premier noted that the partnership between the UK and the Cayman Islands was an important factor. Forging a strong partnership and avoiding constant battles were vital to inspiring confidence in investors. While differences were inevitable, he saw little need, "for public utterances of dissent between the Cayman Islands and UK Government."

Acknowledging his respect for Mr. Taylor, Mr. McLaughlin reiterated that both have the best interests of the Cayman Islands at heart, which was a relationship that would take the Cayman Islands forward.

He wished the Governor and his family success in his new assignment. Mr. McLaughlin invited Caymanian multi-media artist Mr. Luelan Bodden to make a presentation crafted out of local conch shells and Cayman mahogany to the Taylors, on behalf of the people of the Cayman Islands.

Also, Commissioner of Police David Baines presented a framed photograph of the Governor's inspection of the first guard of honour that he received from the RCIPS upon landing in the Cayman Islands as well as a cow cod as a token of continuing protection.


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