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Turtle Nesting

Focus on helping nesting mother turtles and baby hatchlings

This week, GIS Spotlight supports turtle nesting, revisits handicapped parking and takes another look at helping job seekers.

Development of the beach can impact natural sea turtle nesting routines. Join us to see the Department of Environment's efforts to deal with types of beach lighting that deter natural sea turtle propagation.

Learn how properties can be well lit and remain safe for human use yet not affect sea turtles' egg-laying on the beach. Hear how bright lighting can disorient hatchlings on their vital march to the sea and see how they can be helped.

Next, we remind you that blue spots in parking lots are meant for vehicles that sport handicapped parking stickers.

After that, join us for another look at the latest accomplishments of the Passport2Success programme which aims to equip young job-seekers for the workplace.

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