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Minister Simmonds Lauds CI

At the Chamber of Commerce dinner in his honour, OTs Minister Mark Simmonds addresses government and business leaders at Ortanique Restaurant on Tuesday, 5 November evening.

United Kingdom Overseas Territories Minister Mr. Mark Simmonds, MP, said he is "enormously encouraged by the achievements of the Cayman Islands", at a Chamber of Commerce-hosted dinner which concluded his one-day visit to the Islands Tuesday, 5 November 2013.

"I look forward to working with you as you build your security, your success and your sustainability - both economic and ecological," Mr. Simmonds told government, business and industry leaders who had gathered at Ortanique restaurant in Camana Bay.

Alluding to the ambitious agenda for the UK and the OTs underscored in the UK Government's White Paper, Mr. Simmonds noted that OT leaders had concurred on a vision of "successful, economically sustainable, well-run, safe and secure territories with opportunities for all irrespective of background." A second Joint Ministerial Council meeting later this month would focus on how to build sustainable economies, create jobs and drive prosperity, he added.

He noted that getting back to fiscal sustainability "requires hard work, tough choices and sacrifices today" and commented, "But I am pleased that the Cayman Islands Government has demonstrated its commitment to this course - it will reap invaluable long term rewards for the enterprising and hardworking people of Cayman."

Chamber of Commerce President Chris Duggan welcomes OTs Minister Mark Simmonds.

He told the audience that his hectic day of activities and meetings had helped consolidate his views regarding Cayman.

Dignitaries attending included Her Excellency the Governor, Mrs. Helen Kilpatrick, CB; Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin, MBE, JP; Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson, Cert. Hon., JP; Minister Hon. Wayne Panton and Chamber of Commerce President Chris Duggan.

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