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Safety First for Customs Staff

Safety First for Customs Staff

On Friday 1, November 2013 Seventeen Customs Department staff completed a course which has certified them in emergency first response care for the next two years.

During the past two weeks staff attended classes in emergency and first aid training that focused on a range of safety and emergency techniques.

Course Instructor - Customs Officer Darren Kirchman, who is one of a number of safety trainers throughout the civil service facilitated the course using videos, demonstrations and breakout sessions to ensure that each participant benefited as much as possible from the training programme.

Commenting on the importance that Customs places on workplace safety, Mr Kirchman said: "Disseminating safety information helps keep our surroundings safe and injury free. Furthermore first aid and emergency first response are great skills for everyone to have and can be used anywhere. This course is an excellent opportunity for everyone including civil servants."

After the initial two year period of certification, participants must receive annual refresher training.

Customs maintains a year-round training schedule for all staff.

For further information contact: Kristi Anderson