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Holiday Greetings from the Deputy Governor

the Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson, Cert. Hon.

Season’s Greetings!

This has certainly been an action-packed year for the Cayman Islands Civil Service.  In rapid succession we successfully tackled our largest ever General Elections in May, the subsequent addition of two new Ministers to Cabinet, and  ceremonies that marked the passing of one of our most accomplished parliamentarians, the Honourable Mrs Edna Moyle and the arrival of our new Governor Her Excellency Mrs Kilpatrick. Just a few weeks ago we had the privilege of a visit from the Overseas Territories Minister Mr. Mark Simmonds. On each of these occasions Civil Servants rose to the challenge and carried out their duties with the highest degree of professionalism. I am so very proud of these accomplishments.

Christmas is a time for us to count our blessings and to express gratitude to those who enrich our lives.  As such I would like to say that I consider myself extremely fortunate to lead a team that is filled with so many talented, well-spoken, principled and dedicated employees.

Over the past financial year we streamlined the size of the Service, and achieved almost 12 million dollars in savings in personnel costs, while offering additional public services. I very much appreciate that the economic and personal constraints that have accompanied such an austere environment have been difficult for many. My team of senior staff and I continue to explore ways in which we can protect the critical services that we provide, while at the same time keeping your spirits raised.

Looking ahead to 2014 we have the advantage of working with a Governor who is well-versed in public sector finance. We also have the support of an elected Government that is keen to promote good governance, and to work in tandem with Civil Servants to achieve our shared goal of providing a world class service to our customers. Yet what we require most of all is your feedback, support and dedication.

I look forward to a continued and expanded collaboration with you in the New Year. In return for your commitment to a leaner, stronger, and more modern service, I will make every effort to see that you are recognized and rewarded for the work that you do and the sacrifices that you make.

Let us work together in 2014 for the benefit of our organization and the country.

May you, your families and everyone in the Cayman Islands enjoy a harmonious and peace-filled Christmas.

Thank you.

For further information contact: Suzette Ebanks