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Press Releases: March 2013

Tyre-shredding Begins
Island Recycling will process tyres at landfill and turn them into construction material. 21st March 2017, 11:56am
Police Recruits Sworn In
The new recruits have a 16-week course ahead of them before they become operational police officers. 31st March 2014, 7:43pm
Complaints Officers Recognised
OCC conducts fourth annual seminar for internal complaints officers. 27th March 2014, 2:34pm
NPO Reduces Backlog
The National Pensions Board announce that the National Pensions Office has reduced its long-standing backlog of complaints files/cases to 159, officials reveal today, March 27, 2014.  27th March 2014, 2:16pm
New Recruits Inducted
Thirteen Police Constable recruits attend their induction session at the RCIPS Training Unit. 27th March 2014, 12:19pm
Charitable Organisations Must Register Under Labour Law
The Department of Labour and Pensions (DLP) remind the public to register charitable organisations. 26th March 2014, 7:45am
Chief Officer Retiring
Mrs. Sonia McLaughlin will retire on 11 September 2014 after 43 years in the civil service. 14th March 2014, 2:10pm
Tourism Ministry Appointments
Two well-qualified Caymanians take up new positions in the public service. 7th March 2014, 1:35pm
Youth Parliament Assisted
Cayman Airways, Cayman National, local firms and businesses donate to youth event. 3rd March 2014, 3:46pm
Athletes Screened
US experts examined top young athletes at a sponsored clinic for signs of heart abnormalities. 1st March 2014, 2:35pm