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Answers to Waste Control

For the convenience of the public, the Ministry of Health has today released a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document to supplement the Strategic Outline Case for the Cayman Islands Integrated Solid Waste Management System, which it published last month.

Officials believe the easy-to-digest FAQs will help the public find easy answers to many of their questions about the project.

The document contains basic information about the direction of solid waste management in the Cayman Islands, such as Government’s goals and objectives, the purpose of the strategic outline case, as well as benefits of the solid waste management project along with other useful details.

Government is presently preparing a request for proposals for a consultant to develop the country’s first national solid waste management strategy, as well as an outline business case (OBC) for an integrated solid waste management system.

In the process it expects to undertake comprehensive public consultations. The first will be when the time comes to develop the national solid waste management strategy, and again when the outline business case is developed. Until then, Minister of Health Hon Osbourne Bodden and his Ministry will continue to issue regular updates throughout the process.

Mr Bodden adds that: “These FAQs aim to provide readily accessible, detailed information to readers and to keep the public engaged in this vital process.”

For a copy of the SOC and its accompanying FAQs, visit

For further information contact: Yvette Cacho