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Be A Dad Campaign

Fathers are more important than we know.

Just a few days before Fatherís Day, the Family Resource Centre (FRC) have organized a Be a Dad Daily campaign that strives to get fathers to be more hands on in their childrenís daily lives.

Organisers have suggested simple activities that range from making breakfast, packing lunches, helping with pick-ups, and organising a trip to the barbershop to saying ĎI Love Youí.

The campaign will run throughout the month of June, as FRC hosts events and media spots that highlight the ever-changing role of the father.

On Saturday, 7 June 2014, participants of the Fatherís First programme will enjoy a day of family BBQ and games.

FRC also encourages the public to stay tuned for features on Cayman27, Radio Cayman and the Cayman Compass where fathers will talk about the difference between their fathers and the way that they father today.

Facebook fans can also visit the Family Resource Centreís page and submit photos to the ďGet Caught Being a DadĒ competition.

Today and every day, FRCís Programme Coordinator Miriam Foster encourages all fathers, and male caregivers to play an active role in childrenís lives.

Ms Foster notes that children with active father figures are more confident, less vulnerable to abuse, and better able to deal with frustration, and become independent. They are also more likely to mature into compassionate adults, with high self-esteem and enhanced social skills. She also expressed FRCís gratitude to event sponsors Hedge Fund Cares.

For more information, contact: Miriam Foster at 916-5548 or call FRC at 949-0006 or email

For further information contact: Yvette Cacho