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March's Top Employee

L-r: Home Ministry Chief Officer Eric Bush, Community Service Coordinator Jenine Stewart and Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson

Community Service Coordinator Jenine Stewart's attention to excellence helped her to take the top spot for March among the Cayman Islands' nearly 2,400 core government employees.

Ms Stewart concentrates on assisting adult offenders to serve out the community service orders they receive as part of their sentences. Clients are referred to the Department of Community Rehabilitation (DCR) by the Courts, the Prison Service and the Parole Board. In this role, she also liaises closely with community groups such as churches and non-governmental organisations.

Known for her kindness and sense of justice, she upholds the dignity of all clients, regardless of antisocial behaviour patterns, her superiors state.

Additionally, Ms Stewart plays an active role in the department's Empowerment Programme, helping persons aged 17 and over with employment options. She also garners vital training opportunities for them, including in the private sector. The challenging programme helps with intervention, aims to reduce recidivism and improve employability of persons who are often both vulnerable and anti-social.

Her goal is to prepare them to snag suitable jobs in the workforce. She recently managed to secure five successful placements in a short time for young Caymanians. She regularly strives to positively impact these clients' lives, going beyond the call of duty to ensure the young people are not marginalised.

"Whether it is performing routine duties or expanded responsibilities, you unfailingly demonstrate your acumen by working creatively and with minimum supervision," said the Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson, Cert. Hon, JP, presenting her with the Employee of the Month award. "I understand that you take proactive action, learn quickly and use your excellent communications skills to keep team members and clients informed," he noted.

He added, "Often exceeding your performance targets, you are relied on for your skills, including time management, writing and research as well as advocacy and social work in all recent departmental activities, I am told. It is for these qualities that you are viewed as most independent and most multi-skilled. Congratulations and keep up the good work."

In response, Ms Stewart said she was completely surprised and humbled by the award, which she believes also reflects her team's support and good work. "I am concerned about the future of young Caymanians who pass through our system and believe we can make a difference, if we genuinely try," she insisted.


For further information contact: Bina Mani