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Ministers in Finance Committee

Finance Minister Marco Archer presides over Finance Committee.

In the Legislative Assembly, Finance Committee began looking at the 2014-15 budget provisions this morning (Thursday, 5 June 2014), with Finance Minister Hon. Marco Archer presiding.

Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin, assisted by Chief Officer Mr. Eric Bush, answers queries raised by MLAs about the Ministry of Home and Community Affairs.

MLAs take the opportunity to examine the proposed provisions in the process leading up to the approval of the overall budget. The scrutiny is expected to last several days.

East End MLA, Mr. Arden McLean raises a query relating to immigration during Finance Committee's first sitting.

Next, the House will reconvene to pass the budget which has to be gazetted before 30 June 2014. It will come into force on 1 July, 2014, the start of the next financial year.

Finance Minister Hon. Marco Archer, in the chair at Finance Committee Thursday morning, is flanked by the Financial Secretary, Mr. Kenneth Jefferson and Clerk of the LA, Mrs. Zena Merren-Chin.


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