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Ministry’s Newest Interns

Hon. Minister Osbourne Bodden, Deputy Chief Officer Nancy Barnard seen with interns Lucille Williams-Fernandez (standing: left) and Taylor Clarke-Wint (standing: right).

This summer the Ministry of Health, Youth, Sports and Culture has continued its practice of hosting young Caymanians looking to benefit from work experience.

18-year-old Lucille Williams-Fernandez and 20-year-old Taylor Clarke-Wint are the newest interns at the Ministry.

Lucille is a junior student at Stetson University in the USA and currently pursuing a major in Integrative Health Science.

She says she is enjoying her experience at the Ministry, where her duties include lending support to the human resources and finance sections along with other projects within the Ministry.

“As a student looking towards a future career in medicine, my most memorable experience was attending a meeting on the Adolescent Health Study Report and being able to offer my opinion as a young person growing up in the Cayman Islands,” she remarks.

Although Lucille’s internship ended yesterday (Thursday 31 July), she comments that, “Being at the Ministry for the past month has taught me that not everything is as simple as it seems. There is a process for everything! I have also witnessed first-hand how the Ministry works for the people of the Cayman Islands - always keeping their best interest at heart.”

As Minister responsible for youth, Hon Osbourne Bodden states, “It is imperative to have the input of our youth. We must place young people in positions where they can be mentored, gain valuable employment in their field of study and let their voices be heard. I would like to thank Ms Williams-Fernandez for her work during her internship, and welcome Ms Clarke-Wint to the Ministry.”

Taylor is enrolled as a third year student at Southampton Solent University in the UK with a major in Marketing with Advertising Management.

Set to join the Ministry on 4 August 2014, Taylor says, “I am looking forward to understanding more about what the ministry does and how they go about contributing to society.”

As a way to enhance employment opportunities for the Cayman Islands’ youth, the Ministry plans to continue these internships now and in the future.

Lucille and Taylor say they are grateful to Government and urge other young people to take advantage of future internship opportunities.


For further information contact: Yvette Cacho