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MRCU Aerial Operations

Please be advised that the Mosquito Research & Control Unit (MRCU) will be conducting aerial operations over mosquito-breeding swamp areas on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac from Tuesday, 2nd September.

These operations will involve low-level flights during the mornings and late afternoon. The operation will start in Grand Cayman in the area of West Bay and finish on the north side of the island, while Cayman Brac will follow. Weather permitting the full application should be complete within ten days.

The distinctive red and white MRCU aircraft will be applying the small pellets specifically designed to target mosquito larvae developing in aquatic habitats; this means preventing the occurrence of biting mosquitoes.

Once the rains begin the pellets are activated and will provide control for up to two months. Low-level flights over specific areas are necessary to ensure that correct application and successful control of mosquitoes is achieved.

This is the second island-wide treatment this year on Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands. This will assist in providing control through to the month of October as the rainfall starts to increase. A third treatment will follow as the chemical activity wears off. Some 12,000 acres of swamp are targeted in this operation in Grand Cayman, 320 acres in Cayman Brac and 475 acres in Little Cayman. Due to elevated mosquito breeding in Little Cayman, the aerial application was completed last week which is slightly earlier than usual.

Further information can be found on the Mosquito Research & Control Unitís Facebook page or website ( A daily update of the areas being treated will also be available on those sites.

Please feel free to call MRCU with any enquiries on 949-2557.