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Immigration Veteran Retires

Mrs. Karen Gourzong

Civil Service veteran and Secretary for the Business Staffing Plan Board, Mrs. Karen Gourzong, will retire effective September 26, 2014 from the Department of Immigration.

Mrs. Gourzong has had a long and distinguished career with the Civil Service which has spanned four decades, a laudable milestone not often seen in today's workplace, beginning with the Department of Education in August of 1974.

In July of 1979, she made the move to the Department of Immigration where she has remained for the rest of her tenure as a civil servant, and as a result, she has worked with five Chief Immigration Officers. Her tenacity, loyalty and commitment to service of country were evident as she assumed varying roles within the Department which afforded her a wealth of knowledge, and made her an invaluable resource for her colleagues and customers alike.

Having been a cherished member of the staff for these many years, Mrs. Gourzong will be sorely missed upon her retirement from the Department. Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans comments, "We have been privileged to have had her service, and are proud of the positive impact she has made to the Department. On behalf of all Immigration staff, we offer our best wishes for a happy retirement."

Mrs. Gourzong commented: "Over my years in the Cayman Islands Government, I have seen great changes and growth in the service we offer the people. I look back fondly over my tenure and thank my colleagues and superiors for the opportunities I have received. There are so many more opportunities now and I encourage younger colleagues to make the most of those offered to them. And I am happy to say that I am proud to have been a civil servant."