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A Stance Against Bullying & Violence

Governor Helen Kilpatrick and other participants head towards Celebration Park.

Several events this month focused on the bullying and domestic issues we face in the Cayman Islands.

On Wednesday, 15 October 2014, Family Resource Centre's (FRC) Take a Stand for Bullying Conference drew families out to the George Town Public Library. Group discussions ranged from home to workplace bullying. LIME staff was also on hand to offer tips on computer safety and cyber bullying prevention.

On Saturday, 18 October a number of women, men and children of all ages walked in silence to honour and remember those affected by domestic violence. The annual event was hosted by the Business and Professional Womenís Club. This was also in conjunction with FRCís Anti-Bullying campaign. Governor Helen Kilpatrick, Minister Tara Rivers and Chief Officer Christen Suckoo were among the participants.

The walk started from Government Administration Building, continued down Elgin Avenue and ended at Celebration Park where persons shared stories about bullying.

For information on bullying, contact the FRC at 949-0006. To help support the Business and Professional Womenís Club and their efforts against domestic abuse, contact 945-8044.


For further information contact: Yvette Cacho