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Focus on Men

Several events will help celebrate International Men’s Day, which is observed on 19 November each year. Organized by the Family Resource Centre (FRC), activities will highlight men’s contribution to society as well as areas that may need strengthening.

The Cayman Islands is joining countries around the world, for the fourth time this year, to celebrate International Men’s Day.

This year’s local theme: Working Together for Men & Boys will focus on a number of objectives, including working together to promote positive male role models; celebrate men’s positive contributions; focus on men’s health and well-being; highlight discrimination against males; improve gender relations and gender equality.

FRC’s Coordinator Miriam Foster said, “This year, we are asking men and boys to make a commitment to hold themselves to a high standard and take the CayMAN Pledge. This pledge challenges men to think about the kind of contribution they wish to make this month and how they can be role models.”

A family skills session on Living the Pledge is also set for Tuesday, 11 November 2014 at Clifton Hunter High School and open to the public. This workshop will provide practical ways men can live the pledge.

Based on this year’s theme, Parenting Plus segments will also air on Cayman 27’s Daybreak shows on 13 and 27 November 2014.

On International Men’s Day (Wednesday, 19 November), a roundtable on Radio Cayman’s Talk Today show will also focus on the theme: Working Together with Men and Boys.

Some may scoff at the thought of International Men’s Day, but the FRC reminds the public that:

• Boys commit suicide at a rate approximately 3.5 times that of girls.

• Boys experience socio-emotional difficulties but are less likely to receive treatment for mental health problems.

• Boys are three times more likely than girls to carry a weapon.

• Boys are more likely than girls to be involved,and injured, in physical fights.

• Use of alcohol and illegal drugs is higher among teen boys.

• Teen boys are more likely to have had four or more sexual partners than girls—and less likely to have been tested for HIV.

• Boys are more likely than girls to be the victims of serious violent crime.

• Male drivers are involved in twice as many fatal crashes as females.

• One in six boys are sexually abused before age 18.

Later in the evening, a public event - CayMAN Pledge Night – will take place at Regal Cinema. Attendees will receive a pledge pin reminding them to live the pledge beyond November. During the night, persons will also get a chance to view the re-release of Boys’ Voice – a short film featuring local boys talking about serious issues that affect their lives. Very insightful, honest and containing raw footage, the film is produced by the Family Resource Centre and Ben Hudson and Mari Abe. All are invited to attend.

Participants are also asked to submit photos of men Living the Pledge to FRC’s Facebook page. The winning photo will be selected based on the number of likes. The winner will be announced at the CayMAN Pledge Night and will receive a prize.

Meanwhile, the Davenport Development International Men’s Day Football Tournament will take place on Saturday, 22 November 2014 at the Camana Bay Sports Complex

Organisers say that the popular event that has become a fixture of the IMD calendar is successful because it encourages boys and men to engage in positive male bonding. In particular, it addresses the idea of positive male role models engaging in a healthy activity.

Team sponsors include: Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation, Island Taste, Davenport Development and the Complaints Commissioner’s Office. Use of the field is also being sponsored by Dart. Davenport Development has donated a grand prize of CI$500 for each winning team.

For more information on Men’s Day activities or to take the pledge, interested persons can contact FRC at 949-0006 or email For regular updates throughout the month, persons are encouraged to visit the FRC Facebook page at