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DCFS Office Closed

The West Bay office of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) was closed on 9 March, 2015 due to concerns about mold in the building and, in turn, the welfare of the staff and clients.

At this time, the closure of the West Bay district office is indefinite as the building is scheduled to be assessed by Environmental Health and the Public Works Department in order to determine the extent of the problem.

The three (3) Social Work staff assigned to that office has been relocated to the DCFSs main office located at Commerce House, 7 Genesis Close in George Town. The public are assured that services to our clients will in no way be negatively impacted as the Social Workers who have been relocated will continue their various field visits and related duties in the West Bay community; only their base of operation has changed. The West Bay office deals with the scope of children and family services ranging from child protection matters, juvenile delinquency to the care and wellbeing of the elderly.

The department has notified the John A Cumber Primary School, West Bay clinic, police station and all relevant partnering agencies in the district and has also sent out general public service advisories to keep the public informed. Should clients have any concerns or additional questions, please call 949-0290.

DCFS no longer deals with financial assistance services, so this closure does not impact persons seeking assistance in this regard. Families seeking financial assistance should visit the Needs Assessment Unit located on the 2nd Floor Aqua Mall or call 946-0024 as usual.