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Customs Honours Staff

Junior Customs of the Year Newton Powery receives his award from then Acting Collector Collie Powery.

Five model Customs officers along with 16 staff members who never missed a day's work in 2014 were honoured and lauded for their dedication and exemplary performance.

The five receiving plaques and certificates were:

  1. Mr. Newton Powery - Junior Customs Officer of the Year;
  2. Ms Mia Welds - Senior Customs Officer of the Year;
  3. Mr. Philip West - Customs Officer of the Year;
  4. Ms Nicole Lawrence - Support Staff of the Year and
  5. Mr. Randy Whittaker - Assistant Collector of Customs of the Year.

The top five were chosen by their peers. Staff with perfect attendance in calendar year 2014 spanned all hierarchies and age groups of the Customs family, then Acting Collector Collie Powery commented.

One staff member stood out even among this impressive bunch: Mr. Derek McLaughlin, Porter at Owen Roberts International Airport, who has perfect attendance for the past 27 years. For his continuing dedication, Mr. McLaughlin was honoured and earned hearty applause from all at the awards ceremony recently at Customs Headquarters.

Impressive: Mr. Derek McLaughlin, porter at Owen Roberts International Airport, is applauded for his 27 years of perfect attendance.

The other 15 staff members with perfect attendance in 2014 were:

Michael Bartlett, Marlon Bodden, Mark Connolly, Thorna Douglas, Gidget Powell, Collie Powery, Juan Alberto Powery, Langlie Powery, Gina Rankin-Bustillo, George Solomon, Maureen Thompson, Philip West, Desmond Whittaker, Randy Whittaker and Trevor Williams.

Describing the performance of all the awardees as "very impressive", Financial Secretary and Chief Officer of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Mr. Kenneth Jefferson, underscored that the camaraderie prevalent in the Customs department was worthy of emulation. "The public is constantly scrutinizing us and our performance," he emphasised, which meant staff members needed to keep their guards up and remain motivated.

Additionally, the organising team led by Human Resources Manager Simone Mamby Lynch, offered all the awardees raffled prizes that ranged from gift certificates from local restaurants and supermarkets to a Sony smartphone from Digicel that went to Officer Philip West.


For further information contact: Bina Mani