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January's Top Employee

Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson congratulates January's Employee of the Month awardee, Prison Supervisor Rohan Copeland.

Supervisor in the prison service, Mr. Rohan Copeland is well liked by both his colleagues and prisoners, notably lifers, for whom he is the liaison officer.

They, in turn, have stated that they find him accessible, approachable, knowledgeable and firm yet fair. A good team player, Mr. Copeland includes his colleagues in decision-making, shares vital information with them, seeks feed-back and recognises them for a job well done.

Always respectful yet outspoken, Mr. Copeland puts into practice each day his credo that prisoners need to be rehabilitated to ensure the future safety of the public and, in his daily interaction with them, encourages them to get involved.

Recently, he also proved his intrinsic capability as project manager of a vitally needed renovation of the Children's Wing in the prison, to house minor children who are required by the Prison Law to be kept separate from the adult prisoners.

L-r: Prison Director Neil Lavis, Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson, Prison Supervisor Rohan Copeland and Ministry of Home Affairs Chief Officer Eric Bush

Mr. Copeland's indefatigable efforts involved doing double shifts and working hands-on with others, even on weekends and through the Christmas holidays, to help complete renovations to the Children's Wing prior to the inspection from the UK. Spearheading the project involved getting both staff and prisoner work parties engaged, assigning work to both teams, managing and often doing the work with them as well as requisitioning supplies, all to a very tight deadline.

Mr. Copeland got the job done and in January, the children moved in. He did his assignment so well that the inspection team lauded the Children's Wing as the most habitable in the entire prison and clearly the only one suited for purpose. His nominator comments, "Mr. Copeland was primarily responsible for this excellent report. His tireless efforts and determination to see the project done, done properly and on time was an example of the type of professional he is."

It is principally for his involvement in this project that the Deputy Governor chose Mr. Copeland to be January's Employee of the Month for the entire civil service. Presenting him the award, the Hon. Franz Manderson, Cert. Hon., commented, "You exemplify the high standards we require of the civil service and rank high as a role model for your fellow officers and indeed the whole service."

Truly humbled by the award, Mr. Copeland, a true team player, said his colleagues contributed to his award and thanked all those who considered him worthy of the accolade. "If anything, it has spurred me to set higher standards for myself and to continue giving my best to the Prison Service," he added.


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