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Meerkats and Jaguars Romp Home

Prospect Primary’s Mighty Meerkats and the Jeopardising Jaguars from John Gray High School topped their respective age groups in the second annual Battle of the Books, at Sir John A. Cumber Primary School on Saturday, 9 May 2015.

Ninety-five students competed on 15 teams from Government and private schools, many of them dressed in animal costumes to match the team names.

To accommodate this year’s increased numbers, tigers took on alligators, and anacondas pitted their skills against scorpions, in simultaneous round robin matches in each age group. Each matchup took place in a separate classroom and lasted about half-an-hour.

Judges asked young people questions based on an assigned reading list of 20 books that they had received five months previously. Teams were able to score points by responding in less than 30 seconds with the name of the book and its author, or by providing those details when missed by the competing team.

At the end of the morning organisers calculated the age group winners by tallying the scores from each round robin.

In the Grades 5-6/Years 6-7 age group Prospect Primary lifted the Lera Parchment Battle of the Books Trophy. St Ignatius’s Clever Chameleons took the runner up spot. Meanwhile John Gray took home the Grades 7-8/Years 8-9 trophy. They were followed by St Ignatius’s Majestic Monkeys.

This is the second year of the competition, which is run by the Cayman Island Information Professionals (CIIP), a professional librarians’ association, and LIFE - Literacy is for Everyone, a reading support charity.

It is sponsored by the Parchment family, in honour of their mother Lera, an avid reader, as well as the Cayman Islands Public Library Service, Cayman Distributors and Pizza Hut.

For further information contact: Suzette Ebanks