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Press Releases: June 2015

Electoral Maps on View
Proposed electoral district maps are available at the respective district public libraries.  30th June 2015, 5:02pm
Immigration Appeals Reviewed
The internal audit report for 2002-2014 is available on the Cabinet Office website.  30th June 2015, 4:55pm
Union Jack at Half Mast
The flag has been lowered to show respect for UK nationals killed in Tunisia  29th June 2015, 3:24pm
Jen Dixon Retires
Veteran Children and Family Services Director served 33 years in the public sector. 29th June 2015, 3:22pm
Retirees Felicitated
At the Golden Age Home, three long serving women employees are honoured for dedication and hard work. 25th June 2015, 5:13pm
Corey Christian Lauded
Employee of the Month for April Corey Christian consistently provides high quality service to all clients. 17th June 2015, 3:43pm
Honours for Three
Dan Scott, Derek Haines and Rudy Myles are named for this year's Queen Birthday Honours. 12th June 2015, 5:09pm
Consultation begins on Solid Waste Management Policy
Public input will shape the direction of the project going forward. 12th June 2015, 4:55pm
World Blood Donor Day
The Ministry of Health has issued a message for 2015 World Blood Donor Day which is on Saturday, 13 June 2015. 12th June 2015, 4:22pm
New Immigration Officers
Four new recruits who successfully completed intensive 12-month training are welcomed to the Department. 11th June 2015, 5:31pm
School Health Screenings Begin
All new students must have health screenings before the school year starts. 11th June 2015, 10:35am
Premier Responds to Editorial
Hon. McLaughlin takes the Compass to task for 'reckless, disingenuous and irresponsible' editorial. 5th June 2015, 1:18pm
Prayer Breakfast
Legislators and guests braved the weather to pray and enjoy fellowship. 3rd June 2015, 6:40pm
Maritime Trainers Headed Here
Overseas Territories police will benefit from four weeks of training opportunities 2nd June 2015, 5:33pm