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Governor Gets First Poppy

Veterans' daughters Mrs. Kathy Frazier and Mrs. Deborah Ebanks pin Her Excellency the Governor, Mrs. Helen Kilpatrick, the first poppy from this year's Cayman Islands Veterans Association poppy appeal.

Two veterans' daughters pinned the first Poppy on Her Excellency the Governor, Helen Kilpatrick to kick-off this year's Poppy Appeal at the Government Administration Building lobby this morning (Monday, 5 October 2015).

Ms Cathy Frazier, the first daughter of the late veteran Mr. Dalkieth Bodden, and Ms Deborah Ebanks, daughter of veteran Mr. Ewart Ebanks continued the annual tradition of pinning the first poppy on the Governor, the association's patron.

Mr. Dalkieth Bodden had paid his own fare to England to enlist in the Royal Air Force during World War II and served mainly with the British forces in East Africa. Mr. Ewart Ebanks at 95 years is CIVA's oldest, and a very active, member. He is one of 201 young Caymanians who enlisted in the Royal Navy, were then trained in all facets of naval warfare and tasked to safeguard the old fields and other vital military assets in Trinidad, outlined CIVA President Capt. Dale Banks.

This year, the appeal kickoff is enhanced by a display showcasing one of 888,246 blood red, ceramic poppies that were created and displayed last year at the Tower of London, England. Each one of those honoured a British or colonial military fatality during the First World War, Mr. Banks explained.

He added that the display, created by Mr. Mike and Ms Dawn McTaggart, prominently features the ceramic poppy donated by retired Royal Marine Mr. Paul Ebanks and his wife Mary.

In response, the Governor thanked the veterans for their services over the years and expressed pride at being their patron. She also noted that the eye-catching display at the lobby would serve to introduce the Poppy Appeal to younger generations in Cayman.

Meanwhile, CIVA's youngest member, Ms. Shadden McLaughlin, erstwhile of the US Army, pinned a poppy on Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson.

Organised annually by the Cayman Islands Veteran Association (CIVA), the Poppy Appeal helps raise funds for benefiting veterans and widows. Poppies will be presented or available for those making donations in collection boxes at many locations throughout the Cayman Islands.

While the collection boxes will remain at the GAB until Remembrance Day in November, the display will be on view until Friday, 16 October 2015, when it will be moved to the CIVA's annual fundraising gala dinner and ball on Saturday, 17 October at the Marriott Grand Cayman Resort.


For further information contact: Bina Mani