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Contract-Making Talks

Contract-Making Talks

Civil servants recently honed their contract-making skills during a three-day conference designed to update their knowledge on what can make or break procurement processes and contracts.

The Ministry of Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure hosted the event, which focused on drafting commercial contracts for their respective departments. The training was held in November. The 36 participants included Government lawyers, heads of department, and senior staff who regularly engage in negotiations and agreements.

Falconbury Training Solutions – a UK based company – facilitated the session. Presenter Mark Weston is a commercial lawyer with a major London firm.

Chief Officer, Alan Jones noted that contracts are an important part of the procurement process. “Every Head of Department regularly comes across contracts in some form or other, so it’s necessary for us to be able to engage professionally with Government and private sector attorneys.”

Government’s overall increased emphasis on procurement practices includes the introduction of Craig Milley as Director of Procurement and the establishment of a Procurement Committee earlier this year.

Attorney General Sam Bulgin, expressed appreciation for the opportunity: “The members of my Chambers and I wish to commend the Ministry of PLAHI for arranging the seminar and to have UK Counsel of such eminence facilitating it. Professionally, we found it very rewarding.” Noting that the issues traversed during the training were directly relevant to matters that confront Cayman Islands' Government departments on a daily basis, Mr. Bulgin added, “The training seminar was not only very insightful but also very timely.”

Mr. Jones shared that that the session allowed attendees to upgrade their skills or to refresh their existing knowledge. “Our “technocrats” and executive staff have a wide range of legal expertise. The sessions were especially worthwhile as they replicated the meetings that we would have with clients and lawyers. The training will help significantly during the discussion and drafting phases.”

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