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More Landfill Tools

More Landfill Tools

Two excavators for landfill use were handed over today (Wednesday, 2nd December 2015) to Department of Environmental Health Director Roydell Carter.

The Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services (DVES) purchased the equipment in accordance with Central Tenders procedures. DVES Director Richard Simms handed over the keys.

Mr. Carter said the excavators will result in improved management of support services at the landfill. They will be used to manage scrap metals and used tyres, load materials and assist with processing wood waste as well as assist in responding to emergency needs at the landfill.

DVES and DEH staff members have already been trained on the equipment, making it possible for the excavators to be put into use this week.

Joining the event were representatives of earth-moving equipment manufacturer JCB Sales, local JCB agent Phillip Turner as well as technical and support staff from the two departments.

The new equipment, and the corresponding prices, are JS370 tracked Excavator, $309,042.83, and JS200 wheeled Excavator, $266,708.21.

For further information contact: Lennon Christian


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