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National Museum Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Wompers donated by Trevor Watler

The management and staff of the National Museum are inviting the public to a street party – Looky Ya! - and the opening of a special, new exhibit on Saturday, 28 November as the organisation marks 25 years of preserving and celebrating the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Cayman Islands.

The block party will take place on Harbour Drive and Goring Avenue from 2pm to 9pm and feature music, crafts, storytelling, museum tours, singing, dancing and more. Admission to the Museum & Looky Ya! is free and there will be a Christmas Shopping Bazaar with local crafters and artists, as well as food vendors selling dishes from around the world which represent some of the cultures that make up the Cayman community.

Free self-guided tours will also be offered which will highlight the museum’s newest exhibition “Twenty-Five Years: Piece by Piece”, the centrepiece of the year-long 25th anniversary celebration. The exhibit provides an overview of the Museum’s history and achievements since its opening to the public in November 1990, and features 25 objects that showcase the richness, diversity, and complexity of the Cayman Islands’ heritage, history and culture. Among them are a crocodile, an olive jar, onion bottle, Wreck of Ten Sail cannon encrustation, pistol, blue willow plate, militia button, church spire, baby rocking cradle, wompers, sextant, the first telephone switchboard and a World War II jacket.

In addition, the Children's Gallery exhibit "Museum Dress Up" will give young visitors a chance to try on costumes and act out skits based on traditional Caymanian life illustrated in the Museum’s Natural and Cultural history galleries. Children can learn facts about Cayman’s national animals and answer interactive questions while dressing up in various themed costumes.

“We are so excited about achieving this major milestone in Cayman’s history,” said Peggy Leshikar-Denton, Director of the National Museum. “25 years of culture and history at the Museum is indeed a reason for every resident to celebrate, and we plan to do just that with our Looky Ya! block party and these amazing exhibits that highlight who we are and where we’ve come from as a people and a country. We invite young and old alike to come out, experience the National Museum and learn about the beautiful traditions and the rich legacy that we have the privilege of preserving for generations to come.”

Leshikar-Denton added that there is still space for vendors who may want to sell food and artisans who may be interested in displaying and selling their crafts products.

“Christmas is just around the corner and this is a perfect time to buy handmade, Caymanian pieces of art or jewellery or crafts as thoughtful gifts. We hope the public will take advantage of this great opportunity to do some holiday shopping and be entertained at the same time. Looky Ya! - See you all at Your National Museum!”


Wompers (donated by Trevor Watler) on display in Twenty-Five Years – Piece by Piece exhibition_EDIT.jpg