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Home Affairs Ministry introduces hybrids to police fleet

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ministry of Home Affairs is set to introduce hybrid vehicles as a part of its strategic objective to “Make Cayman Better”. It is projected the initiative will not only reduce the burden on the public purse, but also reduce the government’s carbon footprint, thus help to protect the environment.

The pilot will introduce two hybrid Ford Fusions into the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s fleet within the next month. The hybrids will be monitored for performance and the results will inform a broader strategy of using more environmentally-friendly tools that decrease the overall cost of operations concerning the Government fleet.

As with all hybrid technology vehicles, the Ford Fusion switches between its gasoline engine and electric motor. The Ministry anticipates that the hybrid Ford Fusions will offer a useful compromise of the best of both electric and gasoline technology – electric motors create zero emissions and internal combustion engines provide the vehicle with adequate power. These vehicles are specified at 44 mpg for city commute compared to 22 mpg for the non-hybrid versions.

Chief Officer Eric Bush for the Ministry of Home Affairs said, “Our priorities when selecting fleet vehicles has consistently been safety and performance. Now we are turning our attention to adding outstanding fuel economy to that mix.”

The Ministry consumed almost $680,000 in fuel last fiscal year. Improving fleet efficiency can yield significant savings for the government through reductions in fuel use for transportation.

“The introduction of the hybrid cars fits nicely with our plans to review the National Energy Policy with a view to reducing our carbon footprint,” said Minister of Environment, Hon. Wayne Panton. “We will be able to monitor their performance and use that information to help create a more modern policy,” added Mr. Panton.

“I am delighted with this initiative. Government, as it should, is leading the way here and I hope that this is a trend that will continue as we increase our efforts to embrace alternative energy sources and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. I applaud the Ministry and its efforts,” said Chairman of the National Energy Policy Winston Connolly.

For further information contact: Suzette Ebanks