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Migration Management Training

Participants and course trainers of the Strategic Migration Management and Policy Planning course in front of Immigration Headquarters

Senior Immigration, Customs and Commissions Secretariat employees participated in an intense five day Strategic Migration Management and Policy Planning training course from March 14-18, 2016.

The week-long programme provided an in-depth examination of the key planning, organisational and strategic tools necessary for producing and implementing effective strategies in migration management, alongside effective policy planning.

The programme was highly interactive, with the trainers encouraging contributions from participants throughout. It included a mix of lectures, best practice case studies and group discussion. The course challenged participants to better understand the policy cycle, its various stages and challenges. Participants delved deeper into the subject of migration management, looking into various contexts, challenges and management tools needed to develop and implement migration policy and best practice.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer, Mr. Bruce Smith, stated: "This course commenced at an opportune time when migration is causing concerns globally and at the centre of international focus. Those of us in the government tasked with maintaining secure borders will be better empowered to do our part, hence the mix of civil servants engaged in this training."

Participants received a certificate stating the specialisation in Strategic Migration Management and Policy Planning from the UK's International Centre for Parliamentary Studies - the course facilitators. The three trainers were Mr. Ian Rennie, Ms Jemima Felton and Dr. James Hampshire.