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CNCF Art Award and Grant (1).jpg 

CNCF Art Award & Grant Open

Kenneth Hydes and Gold Heritage Cross awardee, Captain Kemuel Jackson

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) continues to recognise and promote arts and culture in the Cayman Islands through two programmes; the National Arts & Culture Awards and the Grants for the Arts.

As part of CNCF’s mission to stimulate, facilitate and preserve all forms of artistic expression in the Cayman Islands, it created a grant programme. Grants can be used to bring projects to fruition or support ongoing programmes. In the past the grant has be awarded for training, productions, publications, festivals and special projects.

CNCF is currently accepting applications for grants. Application forms and guidelines can be found online at Applications are due Friday 15 July by 5pm.

In addition, CNCF is now accepting nominations for the National Arts & Culture Awards. Since 1990, these awards have recognised those who attain a high level of merit in their artistic discipline, or for contributions to art, culture, and heritage.

The Heritage Cross Medal recognises an individual or group for consistent and active, quality engagement in the preservation and/or celebration of Caymanian cultural heritage and the Star for Creativity in the Arts is awarded to artists whose work is of consistent, high quality creativity. Both awards have bronze, silver and gold divisions. For work that covers less than five years or to recognise a single effort that contributes measurably to the preservation and/or celebration of Caymanian cultural heritage, or to the development of the arts, a Heritage Certificate or Creativity Certificate will be awarded, respectively.

Nomination forms can be found online at Posthumous nominations will be considered. You can email your nomination form to or send by post to Cayman National Cultural Foundation, Grants & Awards Committee, P.O. Box 30201, Grand Cayman KY1-1201, Cayman Islands.


For further information contact: Edlyn Ruiz