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Training for Leaders

Canadian leadership facilitator Vince Molinaro

One hundred civil servants who are leaders and aspiring leaders attended a conference this week (Wednesday 22 June 2016) at the Grand Cayman Marriott.

At the invitation of the Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson, top managers took part in the workshop to refresh their leadership skills. Mr. Vince Molinaro, renowned speaker, facilitator and author of “The Leadership Contract” led the seminar.

Explaining his motivation in organising the all-day session, the Deputy Governor remarks: “I hope that people will take away the importance of leadership and the understanding that it is an obligation. We have a duty as leaders to inspire our people, to let them see the big picture of what we want to achieve, and to stand with them shoulder-to-shoulder as they carry out their duties.”

Those in attendance took part in a number of exercises intended to strengthen their understanding of their leadership obligations but also to develop insight into their leadership style, how this impacts the workplace, and how it can be improved.

In addition to Mr. Molinaro, a fellow coach and facilitator Ms. Nancy Sullivan led the gathering in some thought-provoking exercises.

Mr Manderson, who had attended a previous conference led by Mr. Molinaro, says he was so inspired that to this day he keeps the four key principles outlined in the book pinned to his office wall.

These are:

• Leadership is a decision…Make it.

• Leadership is an obligation…Step up.

• Leadership is hard work…Get tough.

• And, last but not least, Leadership is a community…Connect. 

Leadership is also a central theme of the Deputy Governor’s five-year strategic plan for the civil service, along with customer service, talent management, governance and communications. As such the Deputy Governor promised participants that further events are planned to reinforce the messages of this week’s workshop.

For further information contact: Suzette Ebanks