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Benefit Certificates in the Post

The Ministry of Community Affairs, Youth & Sports has issued the 2016 Seaman and Veteran Continuation Confirmation Certificates.

Seamen and Veterans currently receiving Government stipends are asked to check their post boxes to collect the form and submit it to the Ministry by the deadline of Friday 30 September 2016.

The certificate, which was first implemented in 2013, must be submitted by retired Seamen seeking to receive an ex gratia grant from Government. Its purpose is to ensure that the Ministry’s records concerning grant recipients are as current as possible.

Recipients are encouraged to contact the Ministry whenever a change in their personal details occurs. Furthermore medical certificates are required for persons who are disabled or housebound, or those who travel overseas for an extended period of time for medical purposes.

All continuation confirmation certificates must be submitted to ensure continuation of benefits.

Recipients who fail to meet the deadline will then have until 1 March 2017 to return the forms, or be terminated from receiving benefits.

Terminated Seamen and Veterans may be required to reapply, and such applications will be assessed based on revised criteria, and depending on availability of funding.

For more information persons may contact the Ministry by calling 244-2424.


For further information contact: Edlyn Ruiz