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RCIPS Begins Recruitment Drive for Special Constables

RCIPS Begins Recruitment Drive for Special Constables

Tomorrow, Friday, 8 July, police officers from the Neighborhood Policing Department (NPD) will be in the Police Mobile Unit in Prospect, near McRuss Store on Marine Drive, to speak with any members of the community who may be interested in becoming a Special Constable with the RCIPS.  The officers will be at the location from 7AM to 12PM, and are eager to meet with members of the public interested in this opportunity and answer questions.

Special constables are volunteer police officers with the RCIPS who have the full powers of a police constable, and assist the RCIPS carry out its policing and outreach with the communities of the Cayman Islands.  Recruits to the Special Constabulary receive training to carry out police duties.

“This is a rewarding and interesting way to volunteer and help increase security in the community through supporting the police,” said Police Sergeant Cornelius Pompey, “we hope that anyone who is interested will come speak with us.”

The recruitment for Special Constables is expected to continue over the next couple of weeks, during which time the NPD officers will make themselves available at various locations and times (to be announced) to speak with interested individuals.

Those interested in applying to become a Special Constable with the RCIPS should contact the Neighborhood Policing Department at 949-4222 or

For further information contact: Janet Dougall - POL