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Door to Door Canvassing

Elections officials (l-r) Mr. Egbert Jackson, Ms Salomie Henry and Ms Jane Ebanks, at Elections headquarters at Smith Road Centre on Smith Road, put the finishing touches on materials to be used by enumerators during the door to door canvassing starting Saturday, 27 August 2016.

Over 160 elections officials are prepared to fan out into the community and visit all dwellings on all three of the Cayman Islands from this Saturday, 27 August 2016, in order to correctly update the voters' register.

All residents can expect a knock on their doors as the elections enumerators come calling during the rest of August and all through September.

The door to door exercise will be crucial to get an accurate electoral list for the 17 May 2017 elections, Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell emphasised.

Since the electoral boundaries have changed with the introduction of 19 single member electoral districts over the three islands, the majority of voters in the Cayman Islands will vote for only one candidate for the first time, he explained.

The one person, one vote system is new to the traditional West Bay, George Town and Bodden Town districts, where the bulk of the electors reside.

As part of the door to door enumeration, elections officials will knock on all doors in the Cayman Islands in order to register new voters and update the details on the existing voters' list. They will carry IDs and items provided by the Elections Office to establish their bonafides when their knocks on doors are answered.

"I request everyone to courteously cooperate in this crucial exercise over the next month, which is an important part of the Cayman Islands' democratic process," Supervisor Howell said.

If the exercise is not completed by the end of September, the door to door enumeration will resume in November since many of the Economics and Statistics Office staff who are involved in the enumeration have other commitments in October, Deputy Supervisor Sheena Glasgow said.


For further information contact: Bina Mani