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NHD Tourism Nominations Needed

The nomination period will run from 1-30 September.

Leaders from the Ministries of Culture and Tourism officially launched the nomination period for pioneering and long service individuals to be recognise at the National Heroes Day 2017 during a press conference on Wednesday (31 August 2016).

Next year’s annual event, on 23 January 2017, will pay tribute to pioneers in tourism and honour individuals who have made significant contributions to the past and on-going development of tourism in the Cayman Islands.

The nomination period begins today, 1 September 2016 and will run until the end of the month.

Urging individuals to take advantage of this opportunity, Deputy Premier and Minister for Tourism, Hon. Moses Kirkconnell said, “over the next 30 days I strongly encourage everyone to get involved with this process, and fill out a nomination form for someone you think is worthy of this recognition.”

Ministerial Councillor for Culture Roy McTaggart, speaking on behalf of the Premier and Minister for Culture Hon. Alden McLaughlin at the press conference, said: “We are proud to recognise those who have given themselves to make the Cayman Islands a better place, not only for those who call this country home, but for the people who come to enjoy our piece of paradise, and arrive and depart feeling and knowing the true meaning of Caymankind.”

During the press conference Councillor McTaggart also announced new details regarding the nomination categories.

“The recipients of the ‘Emerging Pioneer’ category will now receive a commemorative insignia along with their certificates at the ceremony next January,” he explained. “This is a special memento that has previously only been given to the ‘Early Pioneer’ and ‘Pioneer’ categories.”

Chief Officer for the Ministry of Culture Jennifer Ahearn added that the National Heroes Day Committee has decided to increase the quota for all three “Pioneer” categories to 75 honourees total.

The National Heroes Day Committee will accept nomination forms throughout September, and aims to recognise deserving individuals who have made significant contributions to the tourism sector throughout the Cayman Islands.

Nominations can be made in five different categories: Early Pioneer, Pioneer, Emerging Pioneer, Memorial Scroll and Long Service Award.

Nomination forms for the 2017 National Heroes Day awards are available at the reception desk of the Government Administration Building and also online at Completed nomination forms or inquires can be sent to

“I look forward to another successful nomination period as we prepare to honour the achievements, traditions and people of the Cayman Islands,” Councillor McTaggart added. “Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this historic event. Nominate that person who you believe has truly made a difference, so they can get the credit they so rightfully deserve.”

The committee has chosen to define tourism as:

“Tourism is travel for holiday, leisure and recreation, business, health, education, sports and other purposes. Tourism services and products include the business of attracting, accommodating, transporting, entertaining and operating tours for visitors with the support of allied services. Tourism may be international or domestic.”

For further information contact: Jamie Hicks