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Long Service Medal Recipients Honoured

Officers from the uniformed services received the Overseas Territories Long Service Medal.

A number of officers from the Cayman Islands uniformed services received the Overseas Territories Long Service Medal during a ceremony held at the Government House on Thursday, 27 October 2016.

Members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS), Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service (HMCIPS) and the Cayman Islands Fire Service (CIFS) were honoured during the presentation. Special Constables were also recognised for their dedication and the hard work that they perform on a voluntary basis.

Acting Governor, His Excellency Mr. Franz Manderson, presented the Overseas Territories Long Service Medals and decorations to recipients, for service ranging from nine to 30 years.

“I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting our community,” he said. “These Islands are a better place by virtue of what these officers do on a daily basis.”

Acting Deputy Governor, Mr. Stran Bodden welcomed all medal recipients, along with their family and friends to the ceremony.

“I would like to congratulate all of the awardees on their extensive and exemplary service,” he said. “The extraordinary work you do for this Island and its people is never taken for granted.”

Chief Officer for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. Wesley Howell, announced the names of individual recipients, and gave the closing remarks at the end of the ceremony.

“The Long Service Medal is designed to honour individuals whose bravery and dedication never waiver,” he explained. “The recipients of this medal are a group of modern day heroes, who know the risks of job but still answer the call to serve every day.”


The Overseas Territories Fire Brigades Long Service Medal


(30 Year Clasp) Station Officer Curtis Connolly

Station Officer Peter Dixon

Sr. Divisional Officer Willard Douglas

(25 Year Clasp) Sr. Fire Control Operator Roy Charlton

Fire Officer Devon Chisholm

Sub Officer James Dixon

Sr. Fire Control Operator Carson Ebanks

Sub Officer Norman Josephs

Sub Officer Larue Nixon

Lead Fire Officer Arden Rivers

Sub Officer McKenzie Robinson

Divisional Officer Witney Tatum

(18 Year Medal) Fire Officer Darnley Scott

Fire Officer Larry Scott

Lead Fire Officer Stanford Watson


(30 Year Clasp) Sr. Divisional Officer Ronnie Dixon

Station Officer Mark Hydes

Station Officer Richard McLaughlin

Sub Officer Colbert Miller

Sr. Divisional Officer Duane Tibbetts

(25 Year Clasp) Lead Fire Officer Alfred Connor

Sub Officer Rodney Rivers

(18 Year Medal) Sub Officer Marcus Scott

Fire Officer Bernard Watson

The Overseas Territories Police Long Service Medal


(30 Year Clasp) Snr. Constable Howard Davis Campbell

Chief Inspector Raymond Christian

Constable Marina Janice Conolly

Sergeant Leslie Franklin

Senior Constable Clifford Rufus Garcia

Senior Constable Mark Miller

Chief Inspector Harlan Garfield Powery

Constable Mary Lee Amelia Reece

(25 Year Clasp) Chief Inspector Claudia Natalie Brady

Senior Constable Franklyn Clay Coleman

Sergeant Jerrian Hutchinson-Myles

Sergeant Clair Pinnock-Jackson

(18 Year Medal) Inspector Adrian James Barnett

Senior Constable Stanley Clarke (2008)

Constable Hugh Cotterell

Senior Constable Mark Anthony Green

Constable Antonio Lopez-Jackson

Senior Constable Ronnie Vijay Pollard

Constable Everett Smith

Senior Constable Christina White

Constable Tiger Paul Wilson


(25 Year Clasp) Sergeant Angela Madourie

The Overseas Territories Prison Long Service Medal


(30 Year Clasp) Director Neil Lavis

Supervisor George Danton McLaughlin

Operational Support Neville Wade

(25 Year Clasp) Unit Manager Stephen Atherley

Prison Officer Denham Clarke

Supervisor Stephen Hansen

Supervisor Julia King (2010)

Unit Manager Ricardo Lashley

Unit Manager Marlon Thomas-Hodgson

(18 Year Medal) Prison Officer Barbara Hamilton

Supervisor Julia King (2003)

Supervisor Rodney Larson Whittaker


(30 Year Clasp) Prison Officer Richardson Connolly

Supervisor Harry Wenworth Elliott

Supervisor Carney Ray Simpson

Prison Officer Richard Walter Wilson

(25 Year Clasp) Supervisor Velma Mae Lashley

Facilities Manager Michael Stephens

Prison Officer Vernita Pennicooke

Prison Officer Novelette Jean Wade

(18 Year Medal) Prison Officer Steve Constantine Gordon

Supervisor John Angel Miller

The Overseas Territories Special Constabulary Long Service Medal

(19 Year Clasp) Special Constable Ivan Burges

Special Constable Philip Bush

Special Constable Robert Henning

Special Constable Linda McField

Special Constable Errol McLaughlin

Special Constable Glenn McLean


(9 Year Medal) Deputy Commandant Arthur McTaggart


(9 Year Medal) Special Constable Kary Blythe

Special Constable Ransford Myers

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