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Drug Arrest Made at HMCIPS

An officer with HMCIPS apprehended a man who was caught throwing drugs over the prison fence.

On Thursday, 16 February 2017 an officer with Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service (HMCIPS) quickly apprehended a man who was caught throwing a large quantity of drugs over the prison fence.

Prison Officer Michael Taylor was patrolling the outer perimeter of HMCIPS in the K-9 van, when around 4.20 p.m. he saw a man dressed in dark clothing running towards to the prison fence.

“I had stopped and parked on the roadside of Sheffield Drive, next to the training unit, when I saw a man with two bags in his hands, with his head and face covered in a white cloth,” he explained.

Officer Taylor radioed for back-up and then began to drive towards the suspect. The prison officer then got out of the van to pursue the suspect on foot.

In moments the suspect was caught and cuffed by Officer Taylor. Shortly after, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) arrived on scene and took the suspect into custody.

Prison Director Neil Lavis said several pounds of marijuana were confiscated from the prison’s grounds.

“I applaud the due diligence and quick reaction of Officer Taylor, and the other prison officers who assisted him in the arrest,” Director Lavis said. “I would also like to commend the RCIPS for their quick assistance in the process. In the end two departments worked together to catch the suspect committing the offence and put him safely behind bars.”

The suspect is on police bail, and has not been charged at this time.

For further information contact: Jamie Hicks