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Elections Begin

Elections staff load up vans at Elections headquarters on Smith Road to start the deployment to the 17 polling stations on Grand Cayman .

Elections staff deployed with clockwork precision starting from 4 am this morning (Wednesday, 24 May 2017). The poll staff along with all logistical staff loaded up the empty ballot boxes along with all the necessary paraphernalia on to individual vans and deployed to the 17 polling stations on Grand Cayman, with those going to North Side and East End moving out first.

Also present at the Elections Office on Smith Road were local poll observers Mr. Jennison Nunez, Mr. Renard Moxam and Mr. Eldon Whittaker who were ready to start their visits of all the polling stations during the entire day of voting all around Grand Cayman to observe and report to the Supervisor of Elections.

At the Government Administration Building, the Elections Command Centre, the tech rooms and the Media Centre were also open and manned from 4 am for the 7 am start of polling.

"I am very pleased at the roll out - everything is going smoothly as planned and organised," commented Supervisor of Elections, Mr. Wesley Howell.


For further information contact: Bina Mani