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Poll Count Underway

An Elections Office notice signifies the location of a polling station.

After polls closed at 6 pm and the count began at 7 pm, the counting of the first box of postal ballots from the Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman electoral district was the first to be completed and agreed upon by all parties.

Supervisor of Elections Mr. Wesley Howell said the first box contained six ballots and with the counting of postal ballots in that district now complete, the count there moved to mobile votes.

In the other 18 districts, the first votes being counted are also postal ballots, and the next count will be mobile votes cast, Deputy Supervisor of Elections, Ms Sheena Glasgow elaborated.

Commenting on the close of polls and the start of the count, Mr. Howell commented that the entire process had gone off well and he expects the same efficiency and excellence in the count process. "I thank all the elections staff who have already completed their work in this historic General Elections. Without their hard work and diligence, the outcome so far would not have been so smooth and once again, my sincerest gratitude for all their efforts," he acknowledged.

With counting of all ballots envisaged to be completed tonight, the result in each district is to be announced upon completion of the counting and the results are agreed by all parties. All the results are expected to be out later tonight.

For all election result updates, please visit the Elections Office website,


For further information contact: Bina Mani