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CIG Launches Whistleblower Hotline

As a vital step in implementation of the new Anti-Fraud Policy, the Cayman Islands Government has launched a whistleblower hotline, which will be located overseas and operated by the accounting firm KPMG.

The service can be used by anyone in the Cayman Islands or overseas, as a platform to report any suspected fraudulent incidents or claims safely and anonymously.

The toll-free tip line number is 1-800-534-1111 and all calls will be monitored and answered overseas by a KPMG trained operator.

Upon making the call the tipster will receive a tracking number which has to be mentioned, should the person wish to re-contact the toll-free number for updates.

Additionally, claims can be sent by email to and more information can be found on the Anti-Fraud Policy website at

Leaders behind the policy would like to reiterate that whistleblowers who use these platforms will have complete anonymity and will therefore be protected.

At the same time, all claims or allegations made will be investigated by the Internal Audit Service, and the authorities strongly discourage frivolous or malevolent tips.

The Whistleblower Policy, two other policies and a standard are being implemented to take the entire Anti-Fraud Policy forward.

Among these are the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Policy which is a general guide to acceptable and appropriate behaviour for Civil Servants. The Policy on Offering and Receiving Hospitality, Entertainment and Gifts, as well as the Records and Information Management Standard, which governs records and information management and defines the manner and timing for disposing of documents, are also included.

For further information contact: Jamie Hicks