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Older Persons Law Comes Into Effect

The Older Persons Law, 2017 enacted by the Legislative Assembly in March and gazetted in May, commences today (Monday, 17 July 2017) by Order of Cabinet.

The legislation was drafted to promote, protect and advance the well-being of older persons (those aged more than 65 years old, except where the Law provides for a person who is less than 65 years old to be treated as an “older person” for receiving a pension).

The law requires that a Council of Older Persons is set up as a vehicle to identify and advance senior citizens’ issues in the Cayman Islands.

The first human rights legislation, locally to prioritise the inclusion of older persons, in terms of service delivery and advocacy, the Older Persons Law, 2017 seeks to promote:

● access to services (including the affordability, physical accessibility and the maintenance of an acceptable standard of services provided to older persons),

● social inclusion so that older persons feel valued, their opinions and differences are respected and their basic needs are met so they can live in dignity,

● anti-discriminatory practices which negate behaviours, attitudes, policies based on group, class, age, gender rather than on individual merit, and

● improved care, including physical, psychological, social or material assistance to an older person, and services aimed at promoting the quality of life and well-being of older persons.


For further information contact: Elphina Jones