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RCIPS Officer Receives Award

For more than 10 years Sergeant Williams has proudly worn the badge, with the hope of making a difference.

“We Care, We Listen and We Act,” is the call to action for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS); and for Training Sergeant Roje Williams it’s a mission statement he lives by every day.

“I was raised to appreciate the principle of performing a civic duty, and I’m now doing my part to ensure the positive advancement of this country and to safeguard and improve the quality of life for all citizens,” he explains.

From a young age Sergeant Williams knew he wanted to be an officer of the law, and at the age of 21, that dream became a reality.

“When I became part of the RCIPS, I vowed to always do my part as a police officer to ensure that it continues to evolve into what the community deserves,” he says. “But I am only one civil servant amongst many, and I believe if we all excel and do our part we can build the necessary platform for a safer community.”

For more than 10 years Sergeant Williams has proudly worn the uniform and badge every day, with the hope of making a difference.

Although Sergeant Williams admits that police officers face many dangers in their jobs, and they must also wear a brave face when dealing with the unknown and unpredictable.

“No two days are the same and that is partly due to the fact that crime itself has no boundaries,” he states.

Now the Ministry of Home Affairs has rewarded Sergeant Williams’ passion for service and drive to protect the public with its Chief Officer’s Choice Award.

“I was extremely surprised to be honest, and humbled to be recognised,” Sergeant Williams explains. “This award speaks positively on the confidence persons have in me, and most of all it speaks volumes about the opportunity the RCIPS and the Deputy Governor’s Awards system give civil servants like me to be recognised.”

Sergeant Williams was nominated by RCIPS Business Manager, Ms. Charmaine Moss, for his outstanding achievements and contributions to the service.

Acting Chief Officer Michael Nixon, amongst other Ministry and RCIPS leaders, presented the award to Sergeant Williams, as the recognition programme’s successful civil servant for the month of April 2017.

“Sergeant Williams is a model police officer, particularly for new recruits in preparing them to become the next generation of police officers that will be confronted with far greater challenges and expectations,” Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Anthony Ennis, who oversees the Training Development Unit, says.

“He ensures the new recruits are equipped to lead and serve the community, while continually adapting to new challenges and exacting standards. Sergeant Williams has consistently shown a keen interest in the continued development of these officers and remains a source of professional support, even after they have left the class rooms, to operational policing and is a credit to the training faculty, the RCIPS and wider public service.”

As of May 2017 Sergeant Williams has trained 27 local recruits for the RCIPS, the first of which was the 2014 recruitment class.

“My main drive in my current role as the Training Sergeant is seeing recruits live up to their full potential, become officers and achieve greatness,” Sergeant Williams adds.

“I wear the badge to shatter preconceptions of law enforcement; to show kindness in the face of ridicule and animosity towards the badge,” he explains. “I wear the badge to show that the best way to change something is to become part of it, and create the change yourself.”

For further information contact: Jamie Hicks