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Road Improvements Begin Soon

The National Roads Authority (NRA) will be making some enhancement to the roads network this summer.

In July and August the NRA will undertake works to make functional and safety improvements to the Crewe Road and Smith Road intersection. It will also begin widening and construction works that will make functional and drainage improvements to Crewe Road.

The Crewe Road and Smith Road intersection project will include the reforming of existing traffic islands and the construction of a mini-roundabout centre island, in order to form a new mini-roundabout junction. This is intended to increase safety for road users and reduce the operational speed of the junction while setting clearer vehicle priorities at each approach.

Motorists approaching the junction from the north and traveling eastbound, who intend to travel along Agnes Way, will keep right and must negotiate the mini-roundabout. Those approaching the junction from the north and traveling eastbound onto Crewe Road, will keep left to avoid the mini-roundabout and continue onwards.

Work on the project will take place over the summer, beginning on 4 July 2017, in order to finish the project while schools are on break, and reduce commuter delays after they resume.

Road works will include some road regrading, paving and the construction of concrete curbs to form the new island layout. The junction will fit within the existing road reserve and will not require additional widening.

Meanwhile the project to widen Crewe Road from the Silver Oaks Roundabout through to Navis Close is intended to accommodate a centre turn lane. It will also include geometric improvements, coupled with the provision of a two-lane entry onto the Silver Oaks roundabout, to improve safety and traffic flow in the eastbound direction.

Road works will encompass drainwell drilling and construction, road re-grading and the construction of new curbs and sidewalks. In preparation several accommodation works have already been completed. Among these were the relocation of water meters, as well as several utility poles previously positioned in the new road reserve.

Officials will ultimately construct a three lane carriageway, with one traveling lane eastbound, one lane traveling westbound and a central turn lane for turning movements.

They will address roadway drainage by means of re-grading the roadway and installing new curbs and drainwells to improve drainage capacity. There are also plans to improve pedestrian accessibility and safety by providing a continuous sidewalk along the Northern side of Crewe Road.

The NRA has made landowners and businesses in the affected areas aware of the proposed changes and provided a point of contact for persons with questions or feedback. This is email:

For further information contact: Suzette Ebanks