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Update to PR Application Process

The CSPR Board reports ten applications were considered, with one granted approval.

As work continues on the permanent residency applications, the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board (CSPR) reports that ten applications were considered at last week's meeting, with one granted approval.

CSPR Board Chairman, Mr. Waide DaCosta, notes that of the other PR applications reviewed five were denied, two were withdrawn by applicants and two were deferred pending updated information from applicants. These ten PR applications were among the first of those filed under the current Immigration Law, (2013).

Ministry of Immigration Chief Officer, Mr. Wesley Howell, says, “I wish to thank Mr. DaCosta, and his board members, for their diligent work. I appreciate the efforts that have already been made this week to make the plan of action a reality, and I look forward to the CSPR board continuing to apply their expertise and experience during this process.”

He adds, “The board takes their role very seriously and their goal is to consider the applications as quickly as possible, while ensuring that each is properly reviewed and given the consideration it deserves, while also working on the other applications that have to be dealt with by the CSPR board.”

Minister for Immigration, Premier Alden McLaughlin, also expressed his appreciation for the work of the CSPR Board.

Mr. McLaughlin added, “The early number should serve to assure the public that PR applications are being carefully considered, and that there will be no mass grants, only those applications that meet the requirements in legislation are being approved.”

For further information contact: Jamie Hicks