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Cuban Migrant Attempts to Escape IDC

The migrant tried escaping over the perimeter fence, and was eventually apprehended by HMCIPS guards.

Yesterday (Wednesday, 26 July 2017) at 5.15 p.m. a Cuban migrant, currently housed at the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC), was apprehended trying to flee the facility.

Guards with Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service (HMCIPS) witnessed the detainee escaping over the perimeter fence, and immediately began pursuing the fugitive through the swamp area that surrounds the IDC.

At approximately 6.20 p.m. officers caught the Cuban migrant and returned to the facility.

Ministry of Immigration Chief Officer Wesley Howell thanked staff for their quick response and ensuring that the migrant was returned swiftly and safely.

During an interview with the detainee, officials discovered that he had sustained an injury to his right foot and immediately took him to the George Town Hospital, where he refused treatment.

The individual was subsequently returned to Fairbanks Road, and later relocated to the Police Custody Suites pending the immigration process.

The Cuban migrant arrived in the Cayman Islands by irregular means in December 2016.

Commenting on the current situation at the IDC, Mr. Howell said: “I can confirm that 97 Cubans have been repatriated so far this year. Forty-four are awaiting decisions on their cases."

The chief officer went on to say: “These matters are dealt with on a case by case basis and can be legally complex. Improvements to the system have been made following recent training by specialists from the United Kingdom. I am also appointing a senior member of my ministry to carry out an immediate review of outstanding cases to ensure that they are resolved as quickly as possible.”

For further information contact: Jamie Hicks