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HMCIPS Caymanian Officer Promoted

HMCIPS is proud to announce the recent promotion of Ms. Roxanne Walton as the newest prison officer.

Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service is proud to announce the recent promotion of the department’s newest Caymanian prison officer.

Ms. Roxanne Walton started her career as an Operational Support Grade (OSG) officer in October 2015. After working for more than a year in that position and then understudying senior officers, Ms Walton was selected for the position.

“I am happy to have been promoted after gaining valuable experience that I will be able to build upon as I progress within the Prison Service,” she comments.

Ms. Walton says her desire to serve began at a young age.

“I’ve always wanted to make a positive impact and serve as a role model for the community,” she notes. “When the opportunity presented itself to become a prison officer, I thought this is the way I want to serve my country, this is my chance.”

Human Resource Manager Raquel Solomon explains that when the position became available, HMCIPS immediately provided Ms. Walton with any additional training she needed to undertake the work.

“After receiving several weeks of hands-on training, a final assessment was done and HMCIPS knew she was the person for the job,” she adds

Ms. Walton is currently assigned to the Delta Remand wing of the Northward facility, where first time offenders are held.

“My favourite part about my job is going to work knowing no day is ever the same, and as a result my critical thinking skills continue develop daily,” she remarks. “I love being able to provide a level of guidance to persons who have made poor choices, in an attempt to foster a positive new approach when they are reintegrated back in society.”

Director Neil Lavis says he applauds Ms. Walton for her hard work and dedication and proudly welcomes her promotion within the Prison Service.

“With promotions comes new responsibilities, and we wish Ms. Walton all the very best,” he adds. “We look forward to watching her grow within her new position, and will always be here to offer our support and guidance.”

“I would like to congratulate Ms. Walton on her recent promotion,” Minister for Home Affairs, Hon. Tara Rivers, says. “It’s inspiring to see young leaders like Ms. Walton with a passion to serve, and step-up to the challenge to serve in the capacity of Prison Officer.”

Ms. Walton says she will continue to work diligently, and climb the ranks within the Prison Service to better serve her community.

“I am looking forward to providing guidance to all of the inmates in our care, and assisting my fellow staff members as we work together to achieve the department’s goals,” she concludes. “Each day is a blessing and a reminder that all things are possible with God in our midst.”

For further information contact: Jamie Hicks