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Mobile Liqour Licence Holders

Holders of retail mobile liquor licences are reminded of their obligation under the Liquor Licensing Law (2016 Revision) and Music And Dancing (Control) Law (2012 Revision), to avoid any potential breaches of these laws.

The Chairman of the Liquor Licensing Board reminds all mobile licensees to comply with the laws and that the licence is restricted to mobile bartending and limited to private and organised events or functions. No street-side vending is allowed. The licence holders must also comply with permitted hours and any other conditions listed on the licence to avoid actions by the Board. Failure to comply could result in recommendations by the Board to revoke such licences.

Licence holders are also reminded of their responsibility to notify the Chairman through the Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI) at least seven days in advance of events hosting 49 or more persons and give at least 24 hours' notice during business hours for events hosting 49 or less persons. Notification can be sent via email to DCI and should include all relevant details of the event.

Licensees are further advised that under the Music and Dancing (Control) Law (2012 Revision), Section 9 subsection (2), the Chairman may, from time to time, grant extensions of permitted hours in respect of special occasions either generally or in the case of a particular licence. Request for extensions will be processed through the Secretariat.

For more information, contact DCI at 945-0943 or 244-2202 or DCI.