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Platinum Anniversary Celebrated

The set comprises four royal portraits on four sheets, with each sheet featuring seven stamps.

Four new stamps feature Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to commemorate their platinum wedding anniversary. This is the latest issue from the CI Postal Service, offering yet another interesting choice of stamps during this busy holiday season.

The four stamps are available for purchase at all post offices in the Cayman Islands and showcase photographs from the Royal Couple's devoted married life.

These include their engagement announcement on 9 July 1947; their wedding day on 20 November 1947; the 30th anniversary in 1982 of the Queen's accession to the Throne; and their Royal Highnesses at a public function in 2016, a year when the Queen turned 90 and Prince Philip, 95.

The stamps are available in decorated sheets of seven and come in denominations as follows: the stamp featuring the engagement is 20; the wedding is 25; the 30th anniversary of accession is 75 and the stamp featuring the 2016 portrait is 80.

The sheets also include colourful depictions of four floral denizens of the Cayman Islands - banana orchid, bougainvillea, hibiscus and ghost orchid as well as the three Cayman islands.

The four individual stamps cost $2 as a single set and if purchased as sheets of seven stamps, cost as follows:

20 sheet: $1.40

25 sheet: $1.75

75 sheet: $5.25

80 sheet: $5.60.

With the purchase of the full set, collectors will also receive a short but sweet information sheet about the Royal Couple's life story, from how they met to the present time.

"We in the Cayman Islands wanted to pay a special tribute to Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh on their very special occasion and decided to retain the vintage look all through in the stamps to match the earliest photograph featured," commented Postmaster General, Ms Sheena Glasgow.

"We are very honoured to present this special offering to the Cayman public and collectors alike. We in the Postal Service proffer our continuing good wishes to the Royal Couple for many more anniversaries to come," she added.


For further information contact: Bina Mani