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Press Releases: January 2018

What to Watch on CIGTV 5 Feb
TV guide for CIGTV week of 5 February 2018 6th February 2018, 3:54pm
Rating Local Films
Unrated films need to be rated locally by the Film Control Board before public screening. 6th February 2018, 11:03am
What to Watch on CIGTV
TV guide for CIGTV 31st January 2018, 1:27pm
Jennelle McLaughlin Wins Award
Jennelle McLaughlin Wins Award 31st January 2018, 10:59am
Proud of Them's Isabella Powery
Proud of Them's Isabella Powery 31st January 2018, 10:54am
PFA Reassessment
PFA Reassessment 30th January 2018, 11:43am
Business Forms Updated
Changes simplify Trade and Business License application process 26th January 2018, 4:59pm
Public Entities Lauded
Thirty public entities were awarded plaques for achieving unqualified audits for financial year ending 30 June 2016. 25th January 2018, 11:54am
National Heroes Day 2018
Celebrations Shine Spotlight on Sports 23rd January 2018, 12:37pm
Bravery Citations Awarded
Citations for Heroism in Swimming Tragedy 23rd January 2018, 12:30pm
Proud of Them Academic All-Star
Top achiever is academic all-star  19th January 2018, 4:02pm
Proud of Them Footballer
Proud of Them Footballer 19th January 2018, 3:47pm
Attorney General Reports
Moving the 2018 Grand Court opening on Wednesday, Hon. Samuel Bulgin highlighted activities and coming plans and programmes in his report. 18th January 2018, 4:09pm
Consulting programme open to businesses
Programme partners business students with small businesses to help solve problem for free  18th January 2018, 3:19pm
CIG Announces Streamlined Airport Procedures
The new scheme will enhance intelligence cooperation and improve the experience of passengers arriving at ORIA. 18th January 2018, 10:14am
South Sound Boardwalk
Work on the South Sound Boardwalk is expected to begin in mid-February 2018. 16th January 2018, 5:45pm
CFO Burke a Fixed Asset
Community Affairs counts on CFO to give good account of the Ministry. 16th January 2018, 3:26pm
Proud of Them Awardee Kareem Foster
Round 8 Proud of Them honouree in Sports Kareem Foster 16th January 2018, 3:13pm
Proud of Them George Town Honouree
All-Rounder is a round 8 Proud of Them honouree in Academics.  16th January 2018, 3:11pm
Customs Arrests Five
The Customs Department arrested five persons recently for drugs and a firearm offence. 15th January 2018, 8:53am
New Interim Director Appointed to HMCIPS
The MHA has announced the individual who will serve as interim director of HMCIPS. 11th January 2018, 5:01pm
HMCI Tsunami Threat Response
Agency takes action to speed up emergency communications. 10th January 2018, 4:10pm
Proud of Them Awardee Janelle Syms
Round 8 Proud of Them honouree in Academics Janelle Syms  9th January 2018, 12:24pm
Proud of Them awardee, Jonathan Key
Swimming champ is a round 8 Proud of Them honouree in Community Service.  9th January 2018, 12:22pm
Proud of Them Awardee Brianna Bodden
Round 8 Proud of Them honouree in Academics Brianna Bodden.  2nd January 2018, 12:11pm
Proud of Them Awardee Jared McGill
Round 8 Proud of Them honouree in Community Service Jared McGill.  2nd January 2018, 12:08pm
Inside Remembrance Sunday Parade
An insider's view of Remembrance Sunday Parade and Ceremony. 14th November 2017, 5:49pm