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Rating Local Films

As the arts festival season kicks offs in the Cayman Islands, the Film Control Board (FCB) is reminding filmmakers to have their films rated.

Under the Film Exhibition Control Law (2015), films that will be screened locally and have not been rated by an internationally recognised film control board, need to be rated locally by the FCB. Each film submitted to the board is viewed by its members, receives a rating and is issued a public rating certificate for a $25 fee.

Unrated films cannot be shown to minors and must be screened after 7 p.m., under the law. Also, screening organisers must indicate that the film is unrated in all advertisements and at the venue. Failure to abide by these conditions will result in a penalty of at least $2,000.

“The Cayman Islands has seen an increase in the number of persons writing, directing and producing their own films and music videos, many of whom are hosting their own public screenings,” said Rita Estevanovich, chair of the board. “As the industry grows, we want to encourage audience support of our artists, as well as ensure they are well informed about what they are going to see. Having a rating on films gives viewers more clarity and context about the films, and provides them the opportunity to choose films they deem appropriate for themselves and their families.”

Filmmakers and festival organisers can find information on how to have their films rated by visiting Links to films. along with forms. can be submitted via email at, by mail or in person at the business licensing counter on the first floor of the Government Administration Building.

Films should be submitted at least a week before the screening date. If there are multiple films being submitted, the recommended date is three weeks prior to the screening.

For further information contact: Edlyn Ruiz